President’s message August 2021

Dear CBAA Members and all Christians working in communities to Proclaim THE WORD.

The Council have worked under our stated goals for 2020/21, to add value to the CBAA network with a focus on documenting current suppliers of product to the Independent Christian retailers (supply and terms), advocating for higher discount structures, supporting Prayer for the Nation, Industry and Each Other; and setting up and promote networking (tools and events).

First, thank you to all of you who have served in their communities faithfully over the past year! Without your commitment and work we would not have a network to serve.

Second, thank you to all those who have assisted the council in web work, hosting prayer events, praying for the nation, industry, the council and each other.

A special thanks to our CBAA councillors, with special mention to Coral Knight who will not be renominating in 2021/22. Coral will continue as a CBAA supporter member that will include her role as the CBAA Facebook administrator. Thank you also to Thomas Eglinton for his assistance on council for part of 2020/21. Thomas resigned during the year, stating that time constraints with his prior commitments would not allow him to be an active participant of the CBAA council.

A special thanks to Dan Joyce who, with some much appreciated help from Karl Grice, set up and continues to update our website. He has contributed in the Admin assistant role with good effect in 2020/21 and look forward to him continuing in that role. Dan will be the host of the CBAA AGM and NTS evening on the 27th August.

The 2021 has been a productive year with achievements in all areas of the CBAA with some of the following:

– CBAA Website live and active
A big thank you to Ian Phillips (new member), Karl Grice and Dan Joyce  to get it to a ‘Go Live’ state.

– Website with electronic membership and event forms.

– Facebook community is active and becoming a useful networking tool.

– Newsletters have been regular over 2020/21.

– Quarterly Prayer events with prayer for the nation, the industry and each other.
Thank you to Julie Virtue of Havannah House and Judy for hosting the last two events.

– Supplier Document for Retailers – updated and accurate.
Thank you to Karl Grice and Christine Kollaris for the work to get this done.

– Regular Council Meetings on Zoom

– Tradeshow planning – Proclaim THE WORD (cancelled due to Covid19).Note – This is the second NTS affected by Lockdowns and moved on to a virtual Zoom platform.

– AGM and NTS Virtual Event 27th August from 6:45-9:30pm
The 2021/22 year ahead for the CBAA looks positive and will continue to work on last years goals by:

– Continuing the progress made on all 2020/21 achievements with the updating of CBAA digital platforms

– Updating, improving and promoting our CBAA Supplier document so it contains more relevant information and is more accessible.

– Continuing Quarterly Prayer Events into 2021/22 – Please join us for these events as we humble ourselves and pray.

– Sparklit 2022 will be a CBAA special project to better promote and sell books into our communities- Watch this space

– Omega Writers will become a support partner and be able to assist all new authors on their publishing journey.

– Continuing the use of Newsletter and Facebook tools to share our stories, key information and generally encourage our community (Please join up and send your God at Work stories!)

Council will continue on our digitisation journey Banking / Accounts / Share Drive. We are seeking new councillors for 2021/22 . If you are a member and have a passion to serve independent Christian retail in all its various forms across this wide land, then the council would welcome your nomination. Please pray and consider your nomination carefully.

Thank you to all the council who served faithfully in 2020/21.
– Christine Kollaris – Treasurer
– Julie Hedt – Secretary
– Judy Hetherington Councillor – Prayer and Constitution
– Scott Edwards – President
– Coral Knight (retiring from Council) – Facebook Admin 
Scott Edwards,
On behalf of the CBAA Council