CBAA is the Christian Bookselling Association of Australia. If you are a Christian Bookseller, whether you have been around for a long time or if you are new to the industry, the opportunity to connect with other Christian Booksellers, keep up with industry news, and take advantage of joint deals can be very valuable.

The Christian Bookselling Association of Australia is the official national body representing over 30 Christian booksellers and suppliers across Australia, and over 150 active affiliates. As a not-for-profit organisation, our association provides education and training, advocacy, and networking opportunities. We recognise and celebrate the special role that Christian books and Christian bookselling play as one of the most effective means of communicating God’s message, and recognise that the Association is a vital link in bringing Christian literature to individuals, local Churches and the local community. Whether it is answering the questions of curious agnostics,  encouraging and inspiring Christians in their walk, or deepening us in maturity and knowledge of faith, Christian books draw people into a deeper understanding of and relationship with God. 

CBAA is primarily a volunteer-run organisation, run by its members. CBAA understands Christian bookselling and Christian booksellers. We provide opportunities to meet, trade shows, a newsletter, and special offers such as discounted membership to the Australian Booksellers’ Association. The association also helps with access to suppliers and industry contacts. We are here to help!

As well as support and networking, our members also have the opportunity to access services such as our Trade Show, mini regional trade shows, and partnerships. One of our biggest partnerships is our discounted membership with ABA, the Australian Booksellers Association. ABA’s services include significant savings for domestic and international eParcel postage rates for members signed up to the ABA eParcel scheme.

The association has collated a suppliers’ document, which provides a list of current industry suppliers, wholesalers, and discounts. We also conduct an industry prayer event quarterly, and provide a regular Newsletter with information about industry news and events.