And the winner is…

Congratulations to Steven McAlpine for winning the Sparklit Christian Book of the Year Award among a very strong field.

Steven McAlpine’s “Being the Bad Guys: How to Live for Jesus in a World That Says You Shouldn’t”

“No longer just quaint or irrelevant, Christians in Western society are once again regarded as “haters of humankind”. After exploring the ways a Christian worldview is unacceptable in contemporary Australia and the complex situations in which this places orthodox believers, Stephen McAlpine gets down to business. There is neither reason nor time for indulging in despair or victimhood. Being the Bad Guys calls on Christians to admit our failures and embrace life as a creative minority. As a community on the margins, we can welcome the actual victims of contemporary culture as they look for grace and solace from its bruising brutality. McAlpine is fearless, feisty and fluent. This book is an overdue reset for Christians who have not yet realised that they are more like Daniel in Babylon than Solomon in the land of milk and honey.”

The Good Book Company

ISBN: 9781784985981

Steven McAlpine has pastored several churches in his home state of Western Australia and in his writing dabbles in a number of fields, notably theology and culture, and the rapidly changing face of secularism in the West. His blog is also worth a look!

Rémy Chadwick from Victoria won the 2021 Young Australian Christian Writer Award with Creativity and Faith in Postmodern Australia: Selected Writings.

This is what the judges had to say about Creativity and Faith in Postmodern Australia

The author employs a wide range of styles and genres—essay, homage, homily, literary criticism—to explore the ways in which the crucified and resurrected Christ challenges our fickle and competitive consumer culture. He is insightful, polemical and persuasive, and his voice is versatile and resounding. An effective apologist for his generation.

Keep your eyes out for Rémy!

Thanks to Sparklit for a wonderful presentation and congratulations to all candidates and winners. The field was very strong and contained many great Christian books, while the presentation itself was very encouraging, particularly with so many fantastic readings from all the upcoming teen and young writers categories. These younger voices give us great hope for the future. For anyone who would like to view the awards night, it is available on Youtube.